I Need You!


I have started a new campaign on Patreon, and I cannot do what I do without you! The content provided here will always be free, and I genuinely hope that you enjoy what you see here. That being said, if you like what you see, here’s how you can help support your friendly neighborhood Guerrilla Theo! Go to patreon.com/GuerrillaTheologian and pick a campaign you would like to help.

I also have a reward for a monthly contribution of $5 or more! For your monthly support you will gain access to my personal email! This means that you can ask me questions, request content, send me junk mail, send me hilarious dank memes, ask what my favorite dank meme of 2016 is, whatever you can think of. This isn’t a junk email, but an email that is directly connected with my personal email (to maintain my secret identity lol). I will respond much quicker to you than I could through comment threads on here.

I am using all contributions to provide a better experience than I could provide on my own. Currently there are two campaigns listed, and the descriptions are transparent as far as what the money will be used for. So if you like what you see, please consider supporting this blog.

Guerilla Theo


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