I am a rogue, which I define as someone who is on the fringes of acceptance while being outside the law. This means that I consider myself to be a kind of vigilante in terms of theology. If you are unwilling to look outside the box of accepted Christian beliefs, I suggest you avoid this blog. Topics that I will cover is homosexuality, polyamory, alternative lifestyles, and anything I can come up with that is nontraditional lifestyles and beliefs from an entirely Christian perspective.

I will be keeping my real identity closely hidden, but you can call me Theo. I am writing to you from the south, where I am married with three children. I personally believe that polyamory (poly) and homosexuality are perfectly compatible with Christianity, and while I’m not able to be (which is absolutely heartbreaking) poly, I would identify my preferred relationship orientation as poly.

Feel free to email me with any post suggestions, criticism, or questions, but please keep it civil. I hope this is a helpful resource to you, and that you may be edified by the work I am doing. Thank you for checking out my site, and I genuinely love you in Christ and hope you are blessed!